SGC creates high-quality graphics and branding on new media platforms, including the web, video, and social media.

Online, we create social advocacy, political and corporate campaigns to support and enhance our clients’ brands. This includes both coordinated long-term design rollouts, as well as rapid turnaround projects, and we execute them with strict attention to detail and accuracy.

In addition to crafting savvy and engaging digital campaigns to optimize your online presence, we have a comprehensive knowledge of messaging, technology, coding and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Our design services include:

  • Web Designing: Developing online advertising to meet your outreach goals.
  • Collateral Material Development: Writing and producing traditional printed materials attractive to your intended demographics.
  • Direct Mailing: Conceptualizing, producing, and targeting direct mail for businesses, non-profits, and campaigns.
  • Video Production: Creating a video presence through state-of-the-art, contemporary and sophisticated video production techniques.
    Signage Placement: Using traditional mass advertising with trendy poster, billboard and leaflet design and distribution.

How can we support you in reaching your goals?