RONNIE OLIVA is the Founder and CEO of Sykes Global Communications.

As public relations professionals look to navigate their clients through ever-changing, volatile and uncertain times, Sykes Global Communications has emerged throughout the years as a leading PR agency for today’s complex, technologically expanding and extraordinarily challenging world.

As founding principal of Sykes Global Communications, Ronnie Oliva, has risen to the top of the proverbial call list for clients wishing to break through the cacophony of rapid and sustained informational stimulus and spin. Having successfully broken into a competitive, once male dominated field, she is one of the first women to start a political public relations firm in New York City.

Oliva has kept her clients’ names in – or out of – the news previous to, during, and since the COVID pandemic with an astute attention to public presentation and a preparedness to respond to an array of potential feedback. Quickly gaining recognition with local politicians, community and international leaders, Oliva gained respect with major marketing firms, corporations, and not-for-profits from Ghana, Africa, to New York City and Long Island, to Jupiter and Palm Beach, Florida. Sykes Global Communications has led speech and debate strategy for a multitude of public figures, companies and governmental agencies, as well as both long-shot and frontrunner campaign victories. Among the firm’s most notable insurgent efforts was the successful campaign for Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, U.S. representative for New York’s 14th Congressional District. Earlier, the company was recruited by Former Congressman Charles Rangel, in what many considered the most challenging race of his political career, to cross the finish line ahead of his opposition and solidify his international reputation as a fiercy durable and historical political figure.

Partnering with some of the country’s largest Public Relations firms and well known individuals for the past 16 years, Oliva is known for promoting intellectual, artistic and demographic diversity throughout all of her projects from business ventures to crisis management.

Leading the way for young women, Oliva prides herself on mentoring others to succeed in the exciting world of public relations.

In 2017, Ronnie married another highly acclaimed, successful political and PR strategist, Michael Oliva, prompting their professional merger to ascend the ladder of prominence among public relations professionals in New York City and surrounding states. Oliva is widely heralded as a bright and dynamic force in political campaigns and public interest ventures. Together in Sykes Global Communications, they have established a reputation as the PR firm for potential clients to call on when the going gets just too tough to handle.

Oliva has dedicated over 16 years to building Sykes Global Communications with acclaim. She was named to City & State New York’s Political PR Power 50, recognizing her as one of the most powerful New Yorkers in Public Relations, was selected to AM New York’s Political Power Rising list in 2022, and has received multiple other accolades and awards for her vast array of professional milestones and achievements.

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